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T: “But even now, those things might be attacking more people. We’re assassins, but I believe we’re on the people’s side! I want to annihilate them as soon as possible, so we can save even more people!”

S: “Tatsumi… there’s one thing I’d like to say to you. Your fly is down! It’s bothering me, so please close it!”

Le: “And you almost looked cool! How lame!”

Lu: “Hey, how do you feel right now? Well?”

M: “That’s what you get for trying to act cool.”

T: “Shut up!”

A: “I’m sorry, Tatsumi. I noticed it, but I thought it was some sort of fashion statement.”

T: “I’m not someone that free and open!”

A: “From now on, I’ll be more careful, and take a look now and then.”

T: “No, please don’t!”

Lu: “‘We’re on the people’s side.’ And your fly was totally down.”

Le: “Don’t worry about it. Your fly was open for the people’s sake, right?”

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